Sale of Real Estate & Renovation

Selling real estate ... in recent years property transfers have dropped considerably. Many owners postpone the sale of a home because their sale value has been reduced enough. In many cases the sale price of a property has fallen well below its objective value. But what do we have to do to increase its sales price and, above all, to find prospective buyers?

What we have concluded as a brokerage firm is that the decision to make a renovation at the house we are selling is the right one. Almost always, a home that has not been refurbished has a very low value and there is no interest in buying it.

Our office has a range of home renovation packages for every occasion and whatever needs a home can have.

The image of an old abandoned house, with old window frames, dampness, old sanitary ware and tiles, old, damaged kitchen, worn floors, moldy wardrobes, is a deterrent to a prospective purchaser, and of course it is a reason to greatly reduce its purchase value.

Property & Renovation

With packages such as kitchen renovation, bathroom renovation, partial renovation or total renovation, our office comes to solve the problem of selling your home. For a buyer, it is much preferable to buy a house already renovated rather than go into the process of renovating it himself, because it knows from the beginning how much the market will cost him.

Our office engineers can suggest smart solutions to upgrade your home and implement them in a very short space of time. So your property will be very soon ready for sale at a much higher price than before.

Plumbing in house renovation: Contact us

Each refurbishment has its own special features, so our home renovation company - KONTELES PROPERTIES, carries out before any renovation work to do all the necessary studies and forecasts so that the owner, upon completion of the work in his area, receives a house properly refurbished, functional and in accordance with its own needs.

You can choose one of our offer packages according to your needs or ask us for an online renovation offer for the project you are interested in.

Contact us and soon an engineer of our company will be at your site.

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