Property valuation

Property valuation

Brokerage Hristos Konteles offers you the opportunity to find out about the rental or market value of the properties that you intend to rent or sell!

Property Estimation is a tool available to any owner who wants to have a reliable initial contact with the value of his property. Our company offers this facility to anyone who wants to appreciate his property to have a more accurate picture of the value of his property .

Real estate appraisal is a service that banks, large corporations and individuals use to estimate their property

Why Assessments

   1. Transfers of assets

   2. Funding and credit

   3. Judicial disputes

   4. Tax issues

   5. Advisory services

   6. Accounting

What Estimates


   1. Land and plots

   2. Residences

   3. Office buildings

   4. Commercial Stores

   5. Hotels

   6. Warehouses

   7. Real Estate Portfolios

   8. Business

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